Word of the Week: chasse, chasseur, chasseuse

Word of the Week…en français

chasse /ʃas/ feminine noun
chasseur, chasseuse /ʃasœʀ, øz/ masculine, feminine nouns
Words known throughout the French language, but with unique associations for the traditional French-Canadian and Métis cultures of North America. For example, see the famous folk story Chasse Galerie (a version of The Wild Hunt and also known as The Flying Canoe), about a bewitched canoe carrying hunters, voyageurs, or lumbermen through the air on a winter’s night. From history, the Frères Chasseurs (Hunter Brothers) were a paramilitary lodge of Canadian and American volunteers fighting on behalf of the anti-British Patriotes in the uprisings of 1837-38. Lodges existed along the US/Canadian Border, including at Detroit.

featured image: album cover art for Quebecois metal band Chasse-Galerie, depicting an image associated with the Patriote Rebellions

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