Voyageur Heritage 2014 Top Ten!

Over the relatively short life thus far of Voyageur Heritage, dozens of people have contributed articles, family stories, recipes, and photographs to what has become a community journal. Voyageur Heritage is a modest literary effort to give expression to French-Canadian and Métis culture, values, and identity throughout the Great Lakes region. Thank you to all those who have shared their writing in 2014. Below are the ten most read articles of the year!

  1. Euell Gibbons Meets French Canadian Cuisine by Cindy Pomerleau
  1. Fur Trade Canoes and London Society: The Paintings of Frances Anne Hopkins by MaryEllen Weller Smith
  1. Muskrat French: French Canadian River Culture in the Windsor/Detroit Region by James LaForest
  1. Félicitations: A Letter from Québec Mayor Régis Labeaume
  1. Women on the Front Line of Language Rights in Ontario: A Chronicle of Three Events between 1916-1990 by Jeannine Ouellette
  1. Honoring our Veterans/Hommage à nos Vétérans
  1. Dispatch from Mrs. Potier’s Class by Stephanie Potier
  1. The Storykeepers Project #22: Mapping Memory by Dan LeBlanc
  1. The Storykeepers Project #21: Tillie Marie Sancrant and the Marion Child Collection by Bobbie Kohler
  1. Environmental Stewardship and Cultural Values by Greg Newman, Chelsea Mongeau, and Sebastien Malette

Contributions of essays, family stories, fiction, poetry, and recipes to Voyageur Heritage are always welcome. Contact the editor James LaForest at


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