Stand against Censorship

by James LaForest

As creator and editor of this community journal I have been faced many times with denying space to people who sought to use Voyageur Heritage to publish. Never have my decisions been based on whether or not I agreed with a particular point of view. While this publication, like all publications, has an editorially driven tone, denying people space here has never been ideologically driven. I have declined posts due to plagiarism, poor writing, spammy comments, being outside the scope of VH content, and other reasons. I have even offered space to people with views I disagreed with strongly.

What is happening today in the United States with the censoring of conservative views and the broad-brush painting of conservatives as extreme ideologues and even terrorists, is anathema to the fundamental value of free speech. Purging people from social media with little to no opportunity for appeal, destroying entire networks devoted to freedom of speech, imposing an ever-evolving set of standards as to what constitutes hateful or violent speech, all weaken actual constructive dialogue meant to control destructive forces.

As editor of Voyageur Heritage I stand against the censorship and ideological purging in social media, academia, entertainment, business, and politics that is happening today. It is a dangerous route that is being taken with seemingly little thought or deliberation evident. The belief that the so called progressives, socialists, and leftists hold that they are doing what is right, is so embedded in their thinking that they cannot see the ramifications or do not care. Dictators and Fascists do not get censored. They do the censoring. It is time to wake up and see what is happening and who are the perpetrators of this new McCarthyism.


  1. Just unsubscribed. Don’t need to hear from your organization about how conservatives are the victims. The people who are being censored in the US are terrorists and should have been censored a long time ago. —Karin

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  2. Thank you! Free speech is not only important to a society, it is essential. What those who clamp the lid of censorship down on a population regardless of their political leanings are only interested in control. Conservatives did not do this to the far left progressives, they were allowed their say even if many did not agree with them. One of the other little nasties of censorship is that it will be applied to anyone who is not part of the elite, regardless of their views. No matter what we must fight for our right to free speech for everyone. It seems also that there is a huge lack of simple tolerance. It saddens me to see people saying that conservatives are terrorists when they are not and their mindset is antithetical to terrorism. The hatred that has been encouraged is disgusting and deeply damaging. Unfortunately, those who censor free speech and freedom of thought will ultimately reap what they have sown, and will destroy more than they think to control.


      • I think there is extremism and blame on both sides. Certainly the vandalism and rioting following Black Lives Matter marches was reprehensible and abominable. The storming of the capitol building in DC was equally so. Both sides have been infiltrated by extremists and anarchists. Those actions help to close ears and minds. The greatest danger we face lies in not truly listening to each other and the recent riots (on both sides) are hardening hearts and minds.

        That said, a good way to stop hooligans is to cut their communication lines. In this case, President Trump was speaking to hooligans. I agree with shutting him down.

        Too many people in this country think the only reason we disagree with them is that we don’t understand their position. That implies we are not smart enough to ‘get it’ and are obviously inferior. I am very tired of ‘experts’ talking down to me, no matter which side they are on.

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