In addition to all of the contributors to The Storykeepers Project, we are very thankful for the contributions of many other members of our community to our recipes collection and for the following outstanding stand-alone articles:

Anne Anderson: Dream Genealogy

Nathalie Bertin and James LaForest: Nathalie Bertin: Franco-Métis Visual Artist

Joe Bouchard: Of Snowshoes and Frenchmen: Heritage, Nature, and Community

Shirley Brozzo: Misshepeshu, All Fenced In

Derusha: Interview with an Artist

Joseph Gagné : An Open Letter to Governor Snyder from a Québécois Historian

Todd Harvey : Alan Lomax in Francophone Michigan, 1938

Régis Labeaume: Félicitations – A Letter from Quebec

James LaForest :A Métis Family in the Pays d’en Haut ; Continuity and French Canadian Culture ; A Miscellany of Michigan’s French Newspapers, 1817-1891 ; Giving as a Means to Continuity (It’s Not What You Think!) ; “Virez les Crepes!” ; Tradition: Maple Syrup, Muskrat Dinners, and The Nain Rouge ; ‘Muskrat French’: French Canadian River Culture in the Windsor/Detroit Region ; ‘Representation and Abstration’: French-Canadian Culture in the Art of Linda Renaud Fisher

Nicole Lapointe and James LaForest: Detroit’s French Folklore in Comic Art: An Interview with Artist Nicole Lapointe.

Greg Newman, Chelsea Mongeau, and Sebastien Malette : Environmental Stewardship and Cultural Values

Jeannine Ouellette : Women on the Front Lines of Language Rights in Ontario: A Chronicle of Three Events between 1916-1990

Rachel Pernick: The University of Michigan’s ‘Society of les Voyageurs’

Cindy Pomerleau : Euell Gibbons Meets French Canadian Cuisine

Stephanie Potier: Dispatch from Mrs. Potier’s Class

MaryEllen Weller Smith: European Travelers in the Voyageur Canoe: Marks of Status in Decorative Designs ; Fur Trade Canoes and London Society: The Paintings of Frances Anne Hopkins

Annette Sullivan: The Métis Visualization Project

Michelle Thompson: ‘Chansonniers’ of the Great Lakes: Preserving the Spirit of the Troubadours

Voyageur Heritage is seeking submissions of well-written, well-thought essays of up to 1000 words for publication on this blog. We welcome essays relating to French Canadian, French Metis, and Native American/First Nations cultures in the Great Lakes region. Essays are especially sought from craftspeople, reenactors, scholars, community professionals, students, cooks, artists, and storytellers. We also welcome digital presentations of creative projects. Longer-form, cited essays will also be considered. A limited number of honorariums are available, made possible by a donation from The Navarre family in memory of Russell Navarre.

Please contact James LaForest, the editor of this blog, using the form below. At this time, we are not able to provide any sort of honorarium. Contributors retain copyright of their submissions. See below for more copyright information.

COPYRIGHT INFORMATION: All named authors retain copyright of their material. All other material Copyright © Voyageur Heritage. All rights reserved. Please use the form below to request permission to republish materials found on this website.

Contributors retain copyright of their submission to Voyageur Heritage and may republish their individual works with the understanding that Voyageur Heritage will be acknowledged. Voyageur Heritage retains the right to keep submissions as part of the blog archives and to make further use of the material in noncommercial, non-profit contexts, such as a future transfer of the complete body of works to library and archive collections.

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